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Danielson Video: Collaborative Process

2012-2013 Annual Self-Evaluation Form

Danielson Video: Planning Conference

Evidence & Domain Excel Template (enable macros)

Danielson Video: Reflection Conference

enVision Math Resources: Please visit Enter njteacher1 as the username
and password for access to the online resources for grades K-6. Also please visit this link — Here you will find informational tutorial
on the instructional design and it will walk through the online resources.

Learning Ally – Resource for Special Education Students

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Language Arts

Web Email


Administrative Links


Character Education

Social Studies/Research



Student Special Needs


Curriculum Writing

Visual and Performing Arts

Curriculum Mapping

Classroom Resource Sites

Student Incident Form

Affirmative Action Officers DOE Resource Site

School Nurse

Learning-Focused Curriculum School email, Stockton5050, 09-10 license code = ea5cb-42ee6-47d55

Testing Security Plan


Enrichment Websites

School Reform Models

Language Arts

Common Core Standards

Free Curriculum Maps


Writers’ Workshop: Status of the Class

Student Letters Form (1st/2nd)

Multiple Novels Reading Pacing Form

Dr. Seuss Author Study Form

NJ ASK Speculative Prompt Samples 


a. Kids Proverbs Activity in the Syvum Family Fun Zone.

b. Famous Proverbs: How Do They End? Form

c. Misc Humor Proverbs by Kids

Forms: author style, character study, contractions

Books Every Student Should Know

1. Books Every First Grader Should Know

2.Books Every Second Grader Should Know

3.Books Every Third Grader Should Know

4.Books Every Fourth Grader Should Know

5.Books Every Fifth Grader Should Know

6.Books Every Sixth Grader Should Know

Roald Dahl Author Study

- Comparison to Autobiography, Boy

- Character Study- "Say It, Prove It"

Literary Journal Response Form

Stockton School Book List

Stockton School Novel Connections

Folktale Unit: Categories


-K-2 Writing Assessment

- Writing Assessment Prompt Samples



Writing with Children: an Overview

Writing: Examples of Lesson Ideas


Available from The Teachers College Reading and Writing Project
Calkins Units of Study Bundle (bundle)
Calkins Units of Study Bundle (bundle)
Units of Study for Primary Writing: A Yearlong Curriculum (paper + cd)
A Field Guide to the Classroom Library A-G: Seven Volume Set (paperback)
A Field Guide to the Classroom Library A: Kindergarten (paperback)
A Field Guide to the Classroom Library B: Grades K-1 (paperback)
A Field Guide to the Classroom Library C: Grades 1-2 (paperback)
A Field Guide to the Classroom Library D: Grades 2-3 (paperback)
A Field Guide to the Classroom Library E: Grades 3-4 (paperback)
A Field Guide to the Classroom Library F: Grades 4-5 (paperback)
A Field Guide to the Classroom Library G: Grades 5-6 (paperback)

Librarian Wiki (Ms. Donna McMullin, FRSD

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Spreadsheet Tools for Schools

Lesson for Learning Microsoft Excel

Math misconceptions – Clip from Ma & Pa Kettle;  Abbot & Costello



Online science samples – Ah-ha Science



Social Studies/Research

PROQUEST: User ID: 07B86QPQ22 Password: WELCOME

EBSCOHOST: User: s8694191 Password: PASSWORD


Performing and Visual Arts


Drama – Sample Standards



Family Life Preview 

Our Whole Lives (OWL) Family Life Curriculum Overview

Guidelines for Comprehensive Sexuality Education

Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS)

Kaiser Family Foundation report: "Sex Education in America: A View from Inside the Nation’s Classrooms."



Technology Crosswalk of Integration with Other Subjects

NJ DOE Technology Rubric Overview (Video)

Children’s Software Revue  Password: IVA085

Warren Buckleitner’s speech "Disruptive Innovation" at Michigan University

Be Kind to Computers – funny video clip

How to Play a Prezi


Stockton School Supplies & Ordering Procedures

Kurtz Brother’s Classroom Supplies Home Page

Stockton Houghton Mifflin Old Order – PLEASE CONFIRM!

Follett’s Book Search Site

Purchasing Procedures Overview



Administrative Sites

DOE Data Collections Page (DOEnet)

101.5 weather delay reporting (1473)

ETS Orders (emptyyak1, py5qbkwn)

National Center for Educational Statistics

Megan’s Law Registry

NJ :Long Range Facility Plan

REAP Grant Site

NJ ASK Test Coordinator Training (195050, FF6*EJ)

Free Comcast’s Norton Utilities – logon, requires user name and password; call 877-272-7149 for help.

Teacher’s Guide to Religion in the Classroom

IDEA Application SAGE access


Character Education

Eleven Principals of a Character Education Program

Humane Connections – Resources for teaching social justice, 9/2010







Student Special Needs

Learning Ally: Jeffrey = Jeffrey6516328024 & 602460; Hannah = Hannah6617818516 & 702470



Curriculum Writing Sample Links


2. Middle School:





7. New Jersey CCCS:

8. New Jersey LA:;ci=3

9. Samples of Curriculum Writing with NJ CCCS references:  (Elementary) (Middle level)

10. Standards for other states compared to NJ: 

11. Samples with Houghton Mifflin text:

12. Graphic Organizers from Houghton Mifflin:

13. Lesson Activities from Houghton Mifflin:

14. NJ Language Arts Link Resources:

15.  Scope and Sequence



16. DOE 21st Skills Curriculum Unit Planning Template

17. DOE Presentation on 21st Skills

18.  PowerSchool Curriculum Audit checklist


Curriculum Mapping

For Software go to:
User Name (email):
Password (case sensitive):      Stockton5050
Login to the Toolbox and then go to Curriculum


2. First Grade

3.  Second Grade

4.  Third Grade

5. Fourth Grade

6. Fifth Grade

7. Sixth Grade

8. French

9. PE/Health

10. Art

11. Music


  Classroom Resource Pages

1.  Kindergarten

2.  First and Second Grade Classroom

3.  Third and Fourth Grade Classroom

4.  Fifth and Sixth Grade Classroom

School Nurse Files and Links

Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator for Children

New CPR Guidelines on Video

Teacher Health Training

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