P.E. & Health

P.E. & Health

Welcome to the P.E./Health Web Page for Ms. Aguirre

Welcome to the P.E./Health Web Page for Ms. Aguirre

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Classroom  by classroom current topics of discussion.

                              Health                                                                                                                                Physical Education

Grade 1/2

What is health? How to keep yourself healthy.

The Health Triangle

Nutrition Explorations

Fall PE Activities-


Flag Football

Cooeprative Games

Presidential Fitness Testing

Bad Weather???

•Fitness Circuit Training


•Cooperative Games

Fitness Days-walking/running

Pedometer- integrating cross curriculum lessons such as estimating.

Grade 3/4

How to Make a Jeopardy Game in PowerPoint: A Video Tutorial

Health triangle. 


Goal Setting

Adventure Based Education

Cooperative games including group initiatives,

problem solving and trust activities!

Teamwork, Honesty, and Cooperation

Grade 5/6

 Health Triangle


Self Esteem

Indoor Activities:

Beach Ball sitting volleyball

Fitness Uno

see the link

Balloon Volleyball  Soccer

Cooperative games and initiatives

Dance and Fitness Circuits




Special Events

Presidential Fitness Testing  Fall and Spring

US Volleyball Rules

Sitting Volleyball Video