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Start studying now for the 2013 District Scripts Spelling Bee:

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Enrichment Groups: Building

SchoolTube In your face: Irish Jig  

  Free Rice Vocabulary – Help for Haiti

Earth Day Resources

Calculate Your Carbon Footprint

Element of surprise and joyful expression: inspiration from the subway station (4 minute video clip)

  Flyer: Seasonal and Novel H1N1 Flu: A Guide for Parents. NJ DOE website for H1N1.  Click here to review.

Picture at September 2008 dedication Ceremony

Simulation with real audio of the 1969 moon landing.

Patterns Here, There, & Everywhere – An Educator’s Resource Packet

Moon landing websites

International Version of song, “Stand By Me”

A cappella sampler of different musical genres from the VocaPeople

Read article on the importance of forgein language instruction for young children.

School Newsletter, Winter 2009 mailed to residents last week.  Click here for copies to past newsletters.

Public Review of Revised DOE Curriculum Standards

2008 School Report Card

Free demo copy of 3D ArchitectDOWNLOAD

Make a village  Build a map and town

Happy Chinese New Year!  Click here to learn new phrases.

 Environmental Science 2008 Camp Pictures

Active Chinese Holiday Video -Learn new phrases

 Remember to talk to your children about fire safety!

(Click on above link and then links UNDER main picture to view fire safety videos)

Check out these website compliments of Ms. Bernhart! Voice Thread,an online storytelling, and Online Media, an online slide show.

Time Capsule Websites: International Time Capsule Society, Teacher’s GuideClassroom Time Capsule Guide

How many seconds can you last?  Take the Air Force Pilot test.

Active Chinese Curriculum – An overview.  Login is school email: sbs@… and password is “stockton”

New Jersey History Kids Website

Recreational web activities, posted and rated by the Stockton School Computer Club.

Try this geography quiz!

Try this vocabulary quiz… and “earn” rice for world hunger

  Digiblocks Math Manipulative Project, sponsored by the LAEF.  Click here for more information about Digiblocks.

Our “Sister School” in England: Stockton-in-the-Forest School

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Starfall – Reading Activities for K-2

Web Sites for Connected Classroom

  New Resource Web for Parents and Educators from “Connect with Kids”

New website from NJ Department of Education: Safety and Security for Schools

PTO Sponsored Author Visit: Ms. Pamela Swallow, author of “Groundhog Gets a Say”

Holocaust Hidden Child Documentary  

Owl Pellets Web Sites

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Overview for parents

For Parents:  “The Internet at Home; making it work for you and your kids/ “Educate Yourself About MySpace”

Money Sites for Children

Misunderstood Minds – Try This!

Web Site Evaluation

Folklore by State Regions

Houghton Mifflin Reading Activities

LAEF Website

Mr. Horan’s Classroom

Roman Numeral Converter


CNN Web Site for 5th/6th Grades

  Radio France International

Google Earth

   K-6 Houghton Mifflin Math

Quick Cite for Children

SHRHS Cyber Library

Everyday Math Games

Puzzle Maker

State Standards and Frameworks

  PBS Media Savvy Kids

State Assessments

Internet Search Sites for Children

Classroom Research Project Page

Family Math Page

Copyright Guidelines


Babelfish Translation site

Learning Styles

What time is it?

Multiple Intelligence Test

Visit the State Web site on School Violence Awareness, Keeping Our Kids Safe


Fahrenheit to Celsius Converter

Scholastic News 



  School-Based Services Overview

Sites about Dogs!

Help your Child with Testing

How do you compare to students around the World?  Take a Quiz!

Music Research Project, 3-6

Watershed Links

 National Council of the Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Standards

Strange Matter Exhibit

Technology Plan:  2004-2007

2011 School Logo Tee-shirt and Sweatshirt Order Form for students and alumni.

SSI Grant