While creating an outline is nothing new, there are Web sites dedicated to honing this skill and taking it to the next level.

1 Webspiration Classroom: From the creators of Inspiration, a wonderful graphic organizer that now permits online collaboration
2 Quicklyst: A free, user-friendly site for creating outlines. Quicklyst also integrates with a search engine and dictionary for enhanced note taking.
3 Knowcase: Collaborate on outlines with this easyto- use site, which features a drag-and-drop interface.
4 Thinklinkr: A real-time collaborative outline creator that has a nice built-in chat feature with which to develop projects
5 Checkvist: A great collaborative outliner that has an abundance of features, such as Gmail-browser integration, mobility, and nice import/export features
6 CRLS Outline Maker: Takes users through a stepby- step process to create an outline.
7 Read Write & Think Outline Maker: An easy-to-use outline creator
8 Loose Stitch: A nice, fun site for creating collaborative outlines that can then be exported to a blog or Web site
9 Wisemapping: More of a mind mapper than purely an outline creator, but still a great visual site that teaches the basic concepts behind creating an outline
10 Mindmeister: A fun site for real-time collaboration that is ideal for brainstorming and creating mind maps and outlines
11 LucidChart:  Flowcharts, Mind Maps, Diagrams and more.  Access the app through google apps!

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