Yearbook Pictures!

Stockton Borough School: Parents, Faculty and Students:

We need pictures for the yearbook!

Pictures such as: first day of school, school social events, class trips, class presentations, holiday events, music concerts, or fun pictures taken in the classrooms and on the playground.  The yearbook photographers can’t be everywhere.  So, even if your pictures are only of your child, please share them so the yearbook staff can ensure that every student is featured in the yearbook.  

Please follow the easy steps below to upload your digital pictures directly to the yearbook website:


  1. Go to URL:

  2. Click on the blue “upload pictures” label.

  3. Create a “Link” account by entering your name, e-mail address, and create a password.

  4. From the pull down menu, choose a photo category that you want to upload pictures to, i.e. First Day of School, Field Trips, etc.

  5. Select files to upload from your computer. i.e. from My pictures, desktop folder, etc.

  6. Upload files.

Please Note:

  • All images must be JPG, TIF or PNG and must be at least 300ppi resolution.

  • The above link with instructions will be made available on the school website

  • Yearbook pre-orders will begin in early spring

  • Yearbook distribution will be on Field Day in June

Thank you. 

Stockton Yearbook Committee

 Due to space limitations and page design, all picture submissions are not guaranteed entry into the yearbook as the SBS Yearbook Committee reserves the right for final yearbook content and approval.