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A Kid Safe Game Site Created by the Stockton School Students

Rating color Codes


Means that the game is rated for everyone.


Games may have a little violence, like falling off of a couch.


Means that the game has some aggression, like shooting cannons or crashing cars. 


May require an E-mail address, have commercial previews, or may be difficult or inappropriate for young children. Please ask for parent permission first.



Pyramid Solitaire  

Click on two cards to equal 13.  Get as many matches as you can in the time limits.  Ace = 1, Jack = 11, Queen = 12, and a King = 13.  

Book Worm 

A fun, word-making game.


A fun game with numbers. Tip: click on "How Am I Doing?"

Jigsaw Sudoku

An easier Sudoku game.  Tip: click on "Hint."

Bonnie’s Bookstore

An awesome game where you create words.

Fun Brain

A great, kid-safe website that is fun for everyone.

Kitty Maze

A very Cat like fun game.

PBS kids

A fun, educational game website for kids.

Map Geography Quiz 

Test your skills on how much you know of the world.

The Perfect Pizza

A game, where every yummy detail matters!

Crunchy Munch

A fun game related to Packman!

The Rice Word Game

Find the synonyms of the words to earn rice.

Celebrity Table Tennis

Move the mouse forward to serve and return the ball.

Heart Surgery

Help a boy get a new heart.  Use mouse click and drag to do your surgery.  May need headphones or turn down sound to play.


Free Runner

Use arrow keys to move and X to jump.  Beat the levels within the time limit.

Powder Game

Explore the elements of science in this fun simulation.  You will need Java to play.

Taxi Gone Wild

A fun, car racing game.

3-D Pony

A fun game, based on the My Little Pony show.

Animals in the City

What animal are you today?  Answer questions to find out. Click on light bulb to start.

Don’t Jump on the Couch

A fun, "Cat And The Hat" related game.

Insane SkyJump

Jump and do tricks on the slopes.


Use your arrow keys to deliver cake to the scientist.  Game has sound.


Use your arrow keys to move and space bar to dig through the planet.  Try to get the diamonds but avoid the bombs.  


Use your arrow keys to move.  Avoid cars and orange dots to get your frog safely across the street and stream.  

American Football

Use your arrow keys to avoid being tackled.  Requires you to watch a 30 second commercial.  Some minor contact violence.  May need to use headphones for sound.

Soccer Stars

Use your arrow keys to move, the Z key to kick, and the X key to pass.  Try to make the champions by beating all the other teams! (This game has sound.)



Assault Course

Use your arrow keys to move and X key to jump to get to the pole at the end.  Some explosions.  Must see a 30 second advertisement before you can play. 



Lego Alien Conquest

Use the mouse and space bar to suck up people



Lego Ninjaga

Use arrow keys and space bar to destroy the skeletons and other bad guys.


Move the trampoline to catch  the chickens. Has sound and commercials on the side.

On the Run

A challenging game with the objective to not to be destroyed.

Monster Trucks

A fun, easy game with very little violence.

Bike Trails 2

A fun racing game with a motorcycle.


A fun game with different levels.  Destroy the building  without making the people fall.  Some violence – explosions.

Righteous Quest or Righteous Quest 2

Use arrow keys to move, space bar to throw snowballs, and z to use special attack. Try to collect tokens, attack the villains, and dodge lasers.

Trash And Dash

Use the mouse to move your character. Try to collect trash without being hit by horses, lava, and lawn mowers.  Try not to fall into vortexes. 

Turbo Racing

Use your arrow keys and the letter "x" for turbo speed to race your car.


Destroy the asteroids before they destroy you. Use your arrow keys to move and your space bar to shoot at them.

Other classic arcade games on this site:  // Hexxagon, // Tetris N-Blox , // Pac-Man,  // Simon,  // Snake,  // Space Invaders, &  // Tic-Tac-Toe.


Fireboy and Watergirl

Use arrow and letter keys to get Fireboy and Watergirl into the passageways. There is a commercial preview of a PG movie that comes on before the game loads.

Moshie Monsters

A fun website the allows you to adopt a monster and allows you to play games with your monster and much more! Requires an email address.

Text Twist Free Game

A timed, addicting word game. Students sometimes put in inappropriate words if they are being silly.

Bella Sara

A website where you care for horses. Requires an email address with parent permission.

Free Realms

Create a character and go on adventures.  Requires an email address with parent permission.

Crash Test

You crash a car and then fly through the air and try to get points.  Some violence on a crash dummy – only appropriate for fifth or sixth grade students or with your parent’s permission.


A build your own Lego game or play games that others make.  Use arrow keys to move; space bar to jump.  Collect "tixets" for rewards. Some violence. Select "Play as a Guest" DO NOT select "set up an account" unless you have your parents’ permission.  DO NOT use chat room – only for 18 years or older.

WinX Club Video

TV Videos from Nick. Fairy School for Girls.  WARNING: You are NOT allowed to go off to other YouTube Videos!

Bloons Towers Defense Four

Shoot the ballons. Use mouse to aim and shoot.  Has commercial preview to play: must report inappropriate content to school staff.

Star Splash

Use arrow keys to get points by going through obstacles. Has commercial preview to play: must report inappropriate content to school staff.

Pet Grooming Studio

Try to make your pets happy by taking care of them. Use mouse to slect choices. Has commercial preview to play: must report inappropriate content to school staff.



All games have been reviewed by our Stockton students, who used a rubric to determine maturity level of games. Games may be played during free time, such as inside recess during a rainy day.  We encourage parents to review all games and go over Internet safety with their child.  Safety rules include never giving out any personal information, including an email address, without your parents’ permission.

More Games coming soon!









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